Hop Spotlight - Mt. Hood

A direct descendant of the premier noble hop Hallertau. This Pacific Northwest staple is perhaps a variety slightly lost or over looked over these recent hop frenzy years. Here is a short memoir on the hop we grow and process right here in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Mt. Hood was named after a volcano in east Oregon which sits above the Hood River. It is classed as a noble type cultivar, primarily used for its aromatic features. It brings warmth with a balance of herbal, spice, and very fine citrus notes. It has a low co-humlone composition and can deliver a nice clean smooth bitterness providing 4-7% alpha acids. For farmers this hop is well tolerant to mildews and produces medium sized compact cones that provide easy pickability and a reasonable yield. We say cheers to the legacy of Mt. Hood!

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