Forward Contracting

Forward or future contracted hop sales serve a benefit for both the grower and brewer. Growers gain insurance their crop will be sold often before they even begin growing it and at a set price which assists in the overall operational planning and management of that farm. Brewers are promised a secure source of hops at a set price which allows them to rest assure that no matter which way the hop market goes they can continue business as usual without disturbance to their hop supply or purchasing power. The brewer also becomes a priority customer in which they are invited to hand select their hop lots, receive year round full service storage and delivery, all at a discounted purchase price from the spot market offer.

It really is a win-win situation and is believed to be a crucial element in sustainable hop production. The hop market is in turmoil over the recent craft beer revolution and it is unsure when the dust will settle. It is a responsible choice for both growers and brewers to engage in forward contracting and it is essentially the most effective way to protect the hop industry from dramatic boom and bust scenarios.

We offer contracted hop sales for single or multiple years. The entire agreement can be customized to your needs and may include specific package sizes, delivery and storage terms, as well as payment schedules.

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