Wet Hops

Available only at harvest, wet or fresh hops, are a unique product and require extra attention in order to capture their full aromatic potential. The extra attention surrounds the coordination of picking and shipping. We also must package and transport the hops in a way that keeps temperatures low and air flow adequate as the hops in this raw state have not been dried and are prone to spoilage if not stored correctly.

We understand that it is not always convenient to brew with wet hops. So we make it a priority to immediately notify brewers of predicted harvest schedules and completed testing results as soon as they are determined prior to harvest. The extra effort in communication is continued when executing pick ups and drop offs. We make sure that we limit all the unnecessary time that the hops experience off the vine and out of the brew.

We offer wet hops to all brewers that make it to our farm for a fresh pick up. If you would like delivery of wet hops, we are only offering delivery to brewers based in British Columbia. Delivery is free in the lower mainland and only requires ferry cost for the island. The interior is subject to a possible small surcharge depending on location. All orders must be in 10 pound increments and will be received in perforated cardboard boxes for proper wet hop handling.

For information on ordering wet hops at harvest please email sales@topps-hops.ca