Our Story

Topp's Hops began planting in 2014 in response to the demand coming from our local craft beer industry. We were blown away by the unique individualism, quality, and taste coming from our provinces' very own craft brewers and now we had a chance to stand alongside them in an industry full of passion and creation.

The Topper Family Farm was quickly transformed. Fields were brought to life and barns completely reinvented to become the center of Topp's Hops. We started slow but remained steady. While working hard to catch up to a world class standard our absolute number one objective was to never jeopardize the quality of our hops. Continuously expanding in size and services, we acted like the humulus lupulus itself and wrapped every minute of our time around understanding the dynamics of growing, harvesting, processing, and distributing this exotic crop.

Operating out of Abbotsford, British Columbia, and in the heart of the Fraser Valley, we continue to learn and adapt as a farmer, advisor, processor, and wholesaler of quality hops.

Hop Field