How We Do It

Conventional and Modernized Farming

It starts with the basics. Correct field design, proper trellis construction, and an adequate amount of irrigation. We farm conventional methods that started decades ago but also incorporate new age data analysis, improved farm equipment, and qulaity assurance that keeps our proccess at the top.

Drying, Conditioning and Baling

These three check points can majorly impact the final quality of any hop product. When drying and conditioning we use precise values measuring moisture content, air flow volume, temperature, and humidty. 

Baling is a method solely designed for storage and transportation. Baling takes loose cones and presses them into denser hop bales. During this process we want to handle the hops as little as possible and compress them with just enough force in order to limit luplin gland loss.

Pelletizing and Packaging

We take complete control over the grinding and pelletizing process of our hops. Our system effectively controls the milling and pelleting temperatures well below the industry standard of <130 F while minimizing the exposure to oxygen, all in the name of protecting the essential oils. 

Packaging is done with an industry standard food grade material that is the world's best in oxygen barrier. Labeling is synced with our cloud based inventory software that allows us to ensure anything you receive from Topp's Hops can be retraced back to its original source.

Every pellet and package is prepared keeping quality number one from the field to the freezer.