The Homebrewer

Previously we offered 1 LB packages to homebrewers directly from our online store. We have chosen to take a different approach in getting our hops to you. In support of homebrew shops we are excited to say we will be offering exclusive distribution directly through them.

Currently you can request Topp's Hops grown varietals from:

Barleys Homebrewing Supplies
101 - 455 East Columbia St.
New Westminster, BC V3L 3X6

1 (604) 553-1941

Dan's Homebrewing
825 E.Hastings St
Vancouver, BC 
1 (604) 251-3411

Centennial Homebrewing Supplies
2985 Rupert St
Vancouver, BC V5M 3T8
1 (604) 435-2441

Goldsteam Craft Brewing Supplies
46126 Yale Rd
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P1
1 (604) 703-0158


If your local homebrew store is not carrying Topp's Hops please advise us of your store so we can reach out to them. Sorry for any inconvenience from this change.