Golding T90 Pellets

Golding T90 Pellets

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This is the mother of all English varietals: the flavour palate is also almost as legendary as it’s historical origins! As far back as the 1790s, this hop has been appearing in pints of ales, in taverns across the English countryside. Fast forward, to present day & it remains unclear as to which hamlet within the East Kent region can lay claim to being the progenitor of this storied hop. Brought to the Pacific Northwest, in 1994 - see for yourself whether or not you can taste the earthy terroir of the Fraser Valley in this famous varietal!


Beer Notes

  • Aroma Hop
  • Subtle herbal and fruit-forward flavour profile


  • Alpha Acids (4.0 – 5%)
  • Beta Acids (2.0 – 3%)
  • Total Oil (2.0 ml / 100g)
  • Myrcene (20 – 35%)
  • Caryophyllene (13 - 20%)
  • Humulene (35- 45%)
  • Farnesene (1 %)