Sterling T90 Pellets

Sterling T90 Pellets

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From Oregon originally, it took eight years of research trials in the 1990s, to perfect this relative to the Saaz & Mt. Hood cultivars. Judging by its’ unique flavour profile, the painstaking research was worth it. Beer drinkers rejoice! For hop farmers, Sterling is a wonderful varietal because it is resistant to both forms of mildew; which can mean serious trouble, if it is introduced into your hopyard.


Beer Notes

  • Dual Purpose
  • Best used in brewing: IPAs.
  • A wonderful mix bag of floral, herbal and spicy essences


  • Alpha Acids (6- 9%)
  • Beta Acids (4- 6%)
  • Total Oil (2 ml / 100g)
  • Myrcene (45%- 50%)
  • Caryophyllene (6%-9%)
  • Humulene (19- 22%)
  • Farnesene (10-16%)