Triple Pearl T90 Pellets

Triple Pearl T90 Pellets

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The ancestry of this varietal is connected to a female Perle varietal, the origins of the male DNA remain an illusive mystery. We can thank the Washington State based USDA hop-breeding program, for creating a true breeding daughter rhizome in 2013. Experts remain at odds, about how to best describe this newer varietal. Some extoll its flavour profile of invoking familiar holiday smells and tastes, whereas others suggest the beer notes best associated with this hop are pine and fruit forward. 

Beer Notes:

  • Bittering hop
  • Best used in brewing: IPAs & Pale Ales
  • Favourite profile oscillates between fruity and pine notes


  • Alpha Acids (9- 12%)
  • Beta Acids (3- 4.3%)
  • Total Oil (2 ml / 100g)
  • Myrcene (35%- 40%)
  • Caryophyllene (3%)
  • Humulene (10- 12%)
  • Farnesene (1 %)